Adding a Post to WordPress

  Here is a video that might be useful if you are having trouble adding posts to your website. Its easy to follow and make it easier to work on your site.

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How to Add Post Thumbnails

Adding thumbnail images to your posts is pretty simple. Follow the short guide, and you’ll know all you need to know. If you upload an image to your post, your theme will automatically display a post thumbnail unless you deactivate...

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Shorten those links…

When you are trying to fit a lot of text into an area, e.g. into a twitter post, you may run out of space. To sort this for you and to allow you to get your full message out there,...

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The Joys of Blogging and Why its Necessary

When you get your business online with an up to date, responsive and seo friendly website. Thats the start and then you need to keep it current. You need to keep your website current, so unless you want to hire...

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Promote your Business on Facebook

If you are a business owner using Facebook, want to start your own business, or want to start helping other business leverage Facebook ads then this is a good place to start to nail down some of the basics when...

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