The Joys of Blogging and Why its Necessary

When you get your business online with an up to date, responsive and seo friendly website. Thats the start and then you need to keep it current.

You need to keep your website current, so unless you want to hire a web designer to change your site every few weeks, you can simply add a blog to your site and add blog posts regularly and that way, your site will always have new information, interesting reads and plain old conversation if you allow comments.

You should give it a try, the difference with blogging is, its more social. After you get over the initial few blog posts, you will start to really enjoy it and look forward to sitting down and writing your posts. Search engines just love new content on websites.

Never underestimate the power of a blog post. It can grow legs if you want it to. Write the post and then share it over the whole social media world. e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and so on. Always remembering to add an url on Social Media which will bring people back to  your site and while they are on your site, give them a reason to stay. Again always remembering that while Social Media is wonderful for your business, its a social media platform though and you are not fully in control of it, your website is your own platform, one you own and when its set up with a reputable web designer, its a safe and secure place to showcase your business.

Blogging keeps people on your site, reading your posts and while its more work for you, it can also give you a personal touch to your business as well as showing prospective customers and clients that you are proficient in what you do with a hands on attitude to your business.

So now you need to start blogging and in a few months you will look back and say ‘Why was I so afraid of Blogging’ I promise you, do it, do it now.


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